The following examples show the capabilities of this technology. Items marked * are courtesy Data Description, a Scriptio licensee.

Hello, World!
Hello, World!
It doesn't get much simpler than this.
Feature Demonstration
Feature Demonstration
See examples of objects, colors, attributes, transitions, and input controls. No audio soundtrack.
Quality Control
Quality Control *
Demonstration of how Scriptio can be used for online education. This demonstration uses a Flash audio soundtrack.
Personal Money Management
Personal Money Management
Interactive educational module of how to balance a checkbook. The audio track uses Ogg Vorbis format.
Slide Show
Slide Show
This example presents fading images and scrolling overlay text. There is no audio soundtrack and the audio controller interface is hidden.
Data Types Instruction
Data Types Instruction *
Instructional example with "author mode" enabled. The author mode displays an area under the window where scriping errors, soundtrack timing, cursor location, and info about a selected object are displayed.
Audio Formats
Audio Formats *
This lesson is available in three different audio formats: Ogg Vorbis, Flash, QuickTime, and MP3.
Audio Skins
Audio Skins *
This computer-aided instruction lesson demonstrates different "skins" for the audio controls.
Hello, Video!
Hello, Movie!
Example of embedding a movie within Scriptio.