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Scriptio Installation

Scriptio package

The downloadable Scriptio archive unpacks into a folder with the name scriptio-#-# where the #s are replaced by the major and minor version numbers.

This folder is designed so that it can be dropped into any web-serving directory to see the working examples and presentable Scriptio documentation.


Production files

The folder scriptio that is included in the archive contains the production files for Scriptio. These are:

The JavaScript code for Scriptio.
CSS styles and definitions used by Scriptio objects.
The Java applet that plays the OGG, AU, and WAV audio files.
The Flash file for MP3 audio files.
This folder contains the GIF icon images used for the audio controller bar.

Only these files are required for production sites. The remainder of the files in the archive are for documentation, source code, and example files.


Skins (starting release 0.1)

Different images for the audio controllers are found in the skins directory. To use a different "skin", copy the images into the scriptio/images/ directory, and include skin:'SKIN-NAME' in the parameter list sent to Scriptio. See Audio Skins for an example.


Documentation (starting release 0.2; for now use online documentation)

Documentation is in the docs. It contains links to the overview, installation page (i.e. this page), reference, and tutorial pages.



The source directory contains the source files for all Scriptio components. Although the production file scriptio.js is source code, it is the concatenation of many source files. As per open source licensing protocols, these source files are included in this release.

There is also a source subfolder scriptio-audio for the Java audio applet. It includes slightly-modified JOgg and JOrbis libraries.

The subfolder scriptio-eclipse contains extension code for color-coding of source scripts within the open source Eclipse framework. (Starting with release 0.1)

The subfolder scriptio-mp3 contains Flash ActionsScript2 source code for the MP3 player. I can be compiled with the open-source MTASC compiler. (Starting with release 2.0)


Example files

The folder examples contains the following examples in sub-folders:

Displays "Hello, World" in Scriptio.
Feature demonstration without audio.
A short slideshow showing image transitions and overlain text.
An example courseware presentation with narration in Ogg Vorbis format.

More examples are found on the Scriptio web site. These other examples showcase the author mode, Flash and QuickTime audio formats, and different audio controller skins.