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Learn more about the technology and how it works.
This document summarizes the steps needed to install Scriptio from the source archive, as well as describing the archive configuration.
A reference tome for the scripting language. This is comprehensive and includes links to interactive examples.

Recent News

2015-11-26 Version 2.3 Released
Playback rate support.
2014-10-23 Version 2.2 Released
video support in HTML5.
2012-01-02 Version 2.1 Released
Tweaked for IE9; fixed typos
2010-06-30 Version 2.0 Released
new HTML5 support and an included MP3 audio player, as well as Internet Explorer 8 fixes.
2008-08-21 Version 1.0 Released
With several web sites using Scriptio in production mode, this release is now "production" instead of "beta". Several new features have been added, and a few minor bugs squashed.
2008-01-20 Scriptio at ICPME
Scriptio has been selected as the distance learning technology by the International Center for Postgraduate Medical Education (ICPME). The first course released using Scriptio is Stroke - Imaging the Ischemic Penumbra. More information can be found at
2006-02-17 SitePoint Review
Scriptio receives a rating of "very cool" from influential SitePoint columnist Kevin Yank. You can read his summary on his blog post.
2006-02-06 Version 0.1 Released
A new package containing skins, Eclipse extension, and Opera support has been released. It is available for download at SourceForge.
2006-01-10 Scriptio Released
The first release of Scriptio is available for download at SourceForge. Downloaded files include the production package, source code, examples, and documentation.
2006-01-06 launches
SourceForge formally approves Scriptio as an open source project. Web site launch is imminent, and the first release of Scriptio source files under the GNU Public License is expected within weeks.

Release Notes

Scriptio 2.3 - 2015-11-26
› Playback rate
Scriptio 2.2 - 2014-10-23
› video support in HTML5
Scriptio 2.1 - 2012-01-02
› fixed typos and version problem
› tweaked for IE9
Scriptio 2.0 - 2010-06-30
› HTML5 and MP3 support
› utility routines for browser detection
› Internet Explorer 8 tweaks
› new settings for preload and pre-selecting the audio player
Scriptio 1.0 - 2008-08-21
› "background" support
› ampersand substitution (e.g. <, >)
› beginning and trailing space characters.
› wider line support and optimization
› ampersand character support
Scriptio 0.1 - 2006-02-06
› Audio controller skins.
› Eclipse text editor extension.
› New CSS style naming conventions.
› Opera 8 supported.
Scriptio 0.0 - 2006-01-10
› Initial release of production package, source code, examples, documentation.


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Future Features Under Consideration

Extended Characters
See forum topic patch: for details.
Optimize ellipse drawing for wider line widths and combining adjacent objects
Support AIFF format
Linux support for audio Java applet